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Hurricane season is quickly approaching.  Flood insurance is normally not included in most insurance plans in the Savannah, GA area.  Be sure you are covered in the case of a hurricane or inclement weather.

Get Affordable Flood Insurance Today.

Due to rising costs of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), the NFIP has approved private insurance carriers to provide flood insurance. An elevation certificate is not required for rating purposes and there is no waiting period for coverage.

Click here to view the updated Flood Zone Map and be aware of what zone your home and property are located in.

Click here for more information on the National Flood Insurance Program

Memories can’t be replaced, flooding can be just as devastating to a homeowner with 1 inch of water as a whole sea to a city!


Protect your family and home from a potential flood. Review the facts and information that every Unincorporated Chatham County resident should know here.

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